Body of a Goddess Heart of a God ~ Shamanic Vision

I begin to dance and go into trance. My body becomes more flexible new bones and joints are formed until I have five arms and legs I’m like a star fish. I step out of the star fish onto a beach. I take hands full of the sand on the beach which is black and gold and throw it into the sky. It forms a stair case that I walk up. There is a huge golden lions head. He speaks to me. He says I am the daughter of Sirius and the son of Pleiades. I see my feminine energy as a golden woman and  my masculine energy as a blue man. The lion asks me am I willing to release my body? There is some resistance but I say yes. Asks am I willing to release my mind. I say yes. He says I may step through the lions gate portal. Both aspects of me step through and completely dissolve.

I am nothing, I am floating, I am liquid and swirls of colour. I become a single amoeba then I duplicate and duplicate a million times until I form a body of lush green earth, moss, wood, mushrooms, flowers. I have a body made of the earth. I am living and flowing and growing. I have a blue star in my heart now. I walk up a tightly spiralled staircase like a DNA strand that is also made of the same lush landscapes as my body.

When I reach the top there is a golden light like a sun. This is the second sun. The second son. The second coming of Christ energy. This sun as it rises behind our sun during this lions gate portal is bringing a new consciousness to the earth. This second coming of the sun brings a golden light ray that is pure god energy and will not come as an incarnated being but as consciousness available to all beings on earth. As we enter this galactic portal we are able to step into the higher dimensional version of ourselves. One we have not been able to embody on this earth until now. I stand in front of this golden sun with the body of a goddess made of earth as Gaia and a heart of a warrior as a blue star.

A being steps out of the second sun, with elongated arms and a head that extends like a ray of light. I am embraced by the golden light of this being who tells me I must release my warriors heart. That this has served me well when I needed protecting, but I no longer need to be caught when I fall I need to be held as I rise. I have resistance to this. We have been at war for 13,000 years and I don’t know myself as anything but a warrior. The blue star in my heart steps out of me as the warrior of light and this masculine aspect starts to walk away I don’t want him to leave me. He says he will still be there at a distance. I allow the golden light to embrace me and I start to ask if not a heart of a warrior then what? I ask who is this golden being? He calls himself Grace Elohim.  The sun says you are my daughter I give you a heart of the golden ray. A body of a goddess, heart of a god.

These are matching earth and second sun energies and I walk with my golden heart in the body of green moss and wood with flowers blooming out of the top of my head, back towards the earth. I feel the earth as Gaia and then I realise she can feel me, she is my body as she is her body. I reach the tips of my fingers and toes into the earth as my nervous system connects like a micro network of roots into the energy and being of the earth. I see two shattered layers of glass between her and me. A blue layer that was my concept of mind. I take some of the black and gold sand and I cast is in every direction over the layer of separation, shattered glass becomes sand and dissolves away. Another layer of separation underneath is green, this was my limited perception of what my body is. Not a container but a connection to the earth and all that it. I dissolve it in the same way.

Then I am fully submerged in the earths energy and I realise that there was never any limit to how far I could reach up towards myself as source god energy but I had limitations to reaching into the earth because I believe I was separate to the earth. Now I see and feel that my body is her body that we breathe as one and she is completely part of my energy and my being she can hear my thoughts as electric currents and she has perfect love and compassion and gratitude for me being here with her at this time of conscious evolution.

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