Amalgamation of soul records ~ Shamanic Vision

I open through dance into a cosmic landscape of soft pastel organisms. Bloom like beings float around me and allow me to touch and connect with them. I ask, what am I? They tell me I am not of an Earthly understanding. I was born here but I am not from here. They show me the masculine and feminine dancing within me as liquid energies. An amalgamation template is forming. My soul is androgynous and so is my energy. Trying to identify as one or the other creates division within me. I see my body as a violet flame. First the feminine dancing as pink and the masculine dancing as blue then something new being created as if born from the violet flame I am a crystal being. I move within my body dancing in the energy like flame flickering and shifting. I walk to stand on the edge of a great shoreline. I open my heart and send a white light out like a beacon. I shine this in all directions. I see in front of me a returning signal. A white light beacon that at first I think is the moon. Then I see it is a great being standing in front of me. I am made in her image, she is Kilandril. I am drawn up the beam of light into her heart. As I come closer to her I see she is radiant in white light and wearing a gown threaded with many beautiful clear crystals. These crystals she wears have writing on them, they are like archives of the lives I have lived. They are like identification codes like dog tags. As I come closer I enter her heart like a huge star gate, the portal inside is circular with metal mechanisms, wheels and interlocking cogs like clock systems. I am drawn into the portal and as I come into the heart of this greater being that is also me. I see the versions of me I have lived as in different lives. Their energy is being returned to me. Each white shining being comes towards me, hands me one of the record crystals and steps inside me. There is a great line of them. I ask are these all of the lives I have lived? And she laughs. No. She says that these are the lives you are able to integrate at this time because they are within the band width of your frequency. They each greet me and hand me their record crystal, I thread them on a string which I wear around my neck. Some are just like me, easy to recognise some are darker and take a lower place within me some are greater than I am and tell me they will be gentle and manage the others, some are small and have unique skill sets. She tells me that this integration will take some time and that the process will be repeated at intervals as I sleep. That as I integrate these pieces of myself I will be rebuilding my DNA. She shows the gaps being filled and the structure of my DNA becoming crystalline. I ask isn’t this brittle and I try to bend the strands of DNA as she shows me. She says this is the strongest form of matter and to build with it is to build an impenetrable fortress. She says that as I rebuild I will gain access to all of my experiences and when I see, I will see as if with a thousand eyes, when I hear it is as if I hear with a thousand ears. I look around me and I see the people as multi layered structures I hear them not only as them selves but as an echo of all they have been. It is with such depth of understanding that I will be able to move forward in my learning. I now wear the record crystals as many threads of shining lines around my neck forming a sort of collar. I know this symbolises some sort of status. I pick up one of the crystals and I can see into it, colours, reflections and lines forming structure. I am shown that as I continue to learn and rebuild myself I will begin to call in and connect with people in a different way. I see myself sitting in my study, there is someone with me who has traveled to see me. As we connect in conversation we join at a level beyond our human selves. Our conversation unfolds as a report on the status of our missions on Earth and progress, sharing information that will help both of us. The recorded conversations will require much study by our human selves to grasp. And it will become a life long study.

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