Children of the light

The Ravens are calling and I am walking up a path to a tower made of white bones, the spire of the tower like a church, reaches through the darkness as if we are under the surface of water. I go into the church made of bones and I climb up the stairs into the... Continue Reading →

Lions Gate Portal Experience

I enclose myself in a golden crystalline sphere of energetic protection and allow the experience to unfold. A great dial of symbols and images begins spinning above me. A carved circular calendar. So great is the time it encompasses that it was born before time itself. The circling dial clicks as it moves into place... Continue Reading →

Guided Journey -The Fae Transmute EMF

I journey on the behalf of the collective with the intention to transmute the energy grids of electromagnetic fields and artificial energy into organic energy that is in harmony with our body and our soul. That we may also remain in our higher frequency where ever we go, that our higher frequency will transmute any... Continue Reading →

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