Dance Journey ~ The Great Red Rock

Through the ecstasy of dance I vision: I am in the desert. Uluru, the great red rock rising in front of me. As I move to the music the sand moves with me. Dancing, rising and pulsing to the beat. The sun shines down on the sand vibrating around me and each grain becomes like crystal glass, magnifying the rays. Now golden light through the suns rays beams from each grain as it dances. A hundred black cockatoo screech over head their dark wings becoming a mirror reflecting the amplified golden rays down into the earth and into me. I spin and spin, the grains of light spin around me creating a circular belt of light. I become thunder rumbling, shaking the earth below me. I become lightning striking and smashing apart the belt of light into a million tiny golden stars that spread out over the earth into the hearts of the people. The spirit birds catch the stars of golden light in their wings and as the fly they bring the rains. Pure gold liquid light raining down on the earth. The people nourished. The explosion has cause millions of tiny golden stars of light to join with my body covering my skin. Electrifying the ley lines in my body. I mirror the earths energy lines. I walk as thunder rolling, lightning crackling out from my body. I shine golden light where ever I go.

Guided Journey – Shenandoah, Beautiful daughter of the stars.

A succession of stones from sacred sites have come to me. This one is from Ireland from the Shenandoah River. Shenandoah means, beautiful daughter of the stars.

I journey on behalf of the collective, walk with me, see as I see, feel as I feel and together we heal, for the earth, for the collective consciousness and for ourselves.

I light up my body, I stretch the roots of my tree deep into the earth, pushing through the cold mud, anchoring, going deep towards the water table and I stretch my branches high into the sky unfolding, connecting like electric circuitry into the stars and the cosmos, neurons of space and time. We step out of the tree with Solange the black panther our companion and protector. As we step onto the path it is made of gravel, as we continue to walk I see we are under water, we are walking the river bed from the mouth of the river we enter and we walk along the river bed. As we continue to walk, the stones, the gravel under our feet become golden with light, only where we are stepping. The river is becoming acclimatised and acknowledging our presence. As we continue to walk along like this our feet are playing songs as if we are stepping on a keyboard. The goddess of the river sits up from her river bed slumber. She shows herself to us as a beautiful golden haired and golden energy being. Divine and godly, she wears a shell as a pendant around her neck she hands it to me and says their is a spiral codex inside.

She can’t go any further up the river than this, she sends us forward and we step out together in a V shape like a flight formation as if we are migrating ducks. I walk in front and I hold the shell like a pointed arrow that guides us. There are many rivulets and branches in the river, at each intersection I hold the shell up as a pendulum and it swings or circles to show us which way to go. We take a left, the river’s stony bottom is becoming golden where we walk and the Shenandoah goddess, beautiful daughter of the stars speaks to us as we walk. She says we are all daughters of the stars, that we are aloud to pass here. That there are kings buried on the hills, their bones decaying and falling and rotting into the waters. The waters are contaminated with war, with battle, fear, pain, separation. The water energy is contaminated and murky and dead. She wants us to bring it to life again.

As we continue taking little rivulet branches off, we continue heading left and left and inland and inland. Little branches spearing here and there. The shell with its spiral codex showing us which way to go. And when we reach the end of the rivers we come to the shore. There is a stone building on a grassy hillside and an apple tree. We walk up onto the shore and onto the hillside. This building is a relic it has been recommissioned. It has been built here because this is a sacred site. It’s all new inside and the tin roof is new.

The stones are very old. We stand around the building on the outside and we each place our hands on the rocks that have been carved into or left raw as building blocks. When we place our hands on the stones we can feel the terror and the pain that has seeped into the stones. Through war and conflict and battle and fear, decay, death. We stand with our hands on the rocks, these rocks have been dredged up from the river, they have have been built here in a pertinent place, the land is sacred. But on this sacred land we have distorted energy, the rocks are like memory. Memory storage banks. We place our hands on the rocks and we sing a beautiful melody that comes to us up through the river through the Shenandoah. High pitches, low melodious and deeply emotive. As we sing the rocks release the memories and the memories float up like ghosts and out of the building like black smoke they dissipate into the atmosphere.

We enter the building, inside it’s new but there is a cellar that we go down into the ground and there are these corridors and tunnels, transport tunnels. They are like mine shafts but they are for transporting people and messages secretly. Seems this was a convent, it seems that this was a Christianised site. That Pagan rites were played out here for many years, deep earth and sacred healing, medicine with the people that were in alignment with the earth and the stars. And then came religion that took that from the people. There has been torture, there has been conversion. But the women, the mystics and the deep earth connected folk and were savagely beaten and told to repent their ways that connected them to the earth. Their connection to the earth has been severed. The site has been severed from its sacred connection to the earth through this distortion through this torture.

We walk down through these tunnels we hold a candle of light each and we continue our singing. The singing is not so much sung from us but comes through us from the river from the goddess Shenandoah. And the honey liquid golden energy flows from us into the caverns and runs all over our bodies like electric. We each go off into chambers on the side, its dark and damp and rotten smelling. The feeling of fear is strong in the air but we come in and we sing to our foremothers, to the magical ones that we have come through the lineage from. Our witches, our wise women, our mystics, folk lore, plant medicine, star mappers. These sacred women pursuing sacred knowledge in harmony with the earth. Performing rites of passage, performing energy healing with the earth. They were severed from their cause, they were condemned. They were stripped of their ability to work and many of them were stripped of their lives. We sing the golden liquid energy of the beautiful daughter of the stars, Shenandoah moving through us like honey, like sound, motion, vibration, light. And the feeling of singing in this way, as vessel for the goddess is warming and loving and electric

We move through all of these underground caverns, we move through all of these places of disharmony and we sing with our candle lights and we see each other and we see through the eyes of the daughter of the stars. Until light and gold and love has been brought to all of the caverns. And after we walk through all of the caverns, our ancestors, the mystics and witches and wise women, star mappers, plant medicine people. They follow us out, they have been awoken they have been illuminated. The healing of the river has reached them where they were ashore and they could not reach her anymore, the separation of land and time.

They follow us out as we come up above the ground again and they show us by leading in front of us. They are in their ethereal forms in their higher aspects of love and light mixed with earth energy, beautiful woman that are made of the stars and their bodies made of the earth. They take us down the hill side into a grove where the trees grow scraggly and bushy and wild, there is a water hole that has become full of leaves and stagnant and clogged. They take us to this water hole, its a spring, the water comes up through the ground and we stand with them interwoven, our energy and their ancient energy. Connecting and weaving in and out of each other to strengthen and bond. We stand around the water and we hold hands, and we sing this beautiful song and its amplified now, we sing it out of our hearts not out of our mouths and it comes through us through the Shenandoah. Goddess of the stars.

The water starts to become vapour and the water starts to remember and it shakes off the decay and it shakes off the distortion. The water remembers the pure light and love of sacred ceremony. And the water transforms itself through this song into a pure spring again. The trees hang over creating a secret grove, they are bare, it is winter and their branches finger off in many directions. As we purify the water with the song of the river goddess the birds come to sit in the trees around us. An owl comes to sit there even though its daylight. And lots of little sparrows and flitting birds that have made nests here.

This spring is the water of the Shenandoah river filtered up through the ground, the light of the daughter of the stars. This river goddess, this beautiful being that lays her energy into the river, like the formations of the river bed. Shenandoah once again can rise her energy into the spring and she stands in the centre of us, golden and electric and alive and connected and able to access the sacred site again.

I ask her what is this sacred site? She says this is where women came to bleed, this is where women came and brought their new born children to be blessed by the water, to be blessed by the water that is pure, that holds star light to introduce the new child to its ancestors through the spring. The spring was like a communication vessel between this world and others between the magical and mystical women and their ancestors, and their star lineage. This is also where they would receive their wisdom and insights from. Coming to sit beside the water drinking the clear spring water, sitting and listening to receive the knowledge of their ancestors, the knowledge of their star ancestors. This is one portal of communication, their are many, and their are many sacred sites that have been distorted with torture and abuse, fear energy. It creates decay, but the water remembers, the stones remember, the river remembers, the stars remember. We are just remembering again ourselves.

There is a priestess of a sort from these pagan circles, she is one that blesses, she wears a gold decorative piece on her forehead that joins at the the back with a chain. She has soft lovely eyes and features and a lovely heart, and for those of us who have come today to heal the water through the energy of Shenandoah she blesses us now. She comes and kisses each one of us on the forehead, giving us a golden talisman that is of a tree, interlacing with roots and branches circular. She walks around the edge of the water with the golden Shenandoah goddess behind her, she kisses each one of us on the forehead gifting us this golden symbol.

She says that we are connected now, that we may look into the clear waters and see what our ancestors saw, that we may receive information and healing, that we may partake in ceremony, blessing our children, blessing ourselves, communicating and sharing, connecting. She says that they will work from here outwards to the other sacred sites, water portals, springs, that have been decayed, that have been claimed and taken and Christianised. In the name of Jesus.

Blasphemy, Jesuah was a beautiful soul, kind hearted and loving. To take the things of the earth in his name is pure corruption, although we hold no malice towards anyone who has chosen this path.

I ask may we return through the sacred water hole, infuse our lives and ourselves with the golden energy of the Shenandoah who remains on the earth holding this energy and this frequency in the goddess form in the landscapes. We are given permission, we all sit at the edge of the waterhole with our feet dangling in, pure and clear, the water that remembers. The water is delighted and joyed, so much light and love and memory, it heals our bodies and infused us with light as we move through it. We drop down through the waterhole, letting our bodies sink down slowly, breathing out all the air in our lungs and sinking down until our feet touch the ground and then we return.



Guided Journey -The Fae Transmute EMF

I journey on the behalf of the collective with the intention to transmute the energy grids of electromagnetic fields and artificial energy into organic energy that is in harmony with our body and our soul. That we may also remain in our higher frequency where ever we go, that our higher frequency will transmute any negative thought forms any interfering frequencies any artificial frequencies, that will be transmuted into organic around us and around our field at all times.

I stretch the roots of my tree deep into the earth, pushing through wet clay, damp and cool I anchor. We step out of the tree together our branches rising above us like a canopy in a forest, interwoven and interlacing with each other. As we step out together we all hold hands with our power animals standing between us, Solange beside me, black jaguar as power, strength and protector. The canopy of our branches of our trees is creating shade over us and a protection. We walk to the the edge, its like being under a coral, a living and protective organism. We step out from this protection and shade into an electric yellow crackling static energy field and as we take a step out if feels like electrocution and static moving into our body and into our nervous system in a way that frays the mind and the nerves. Jolts that creates anxiety and disconnection. We step back under the cover of our tree into our frequency where we are protected. We are surrounded everywhere by this static, this electric shock energy. We come together under the shade of our branches and we  discuss and call in support. How will we expand our energy field to access to network of interference. The interference energy is bright like fluorescent lighting and it is densely knitted with this static and it moves with a zapping voltage energy constantly around us and you can hear the static sound.
The Faeries are here with us, they are more advanced than us, they are covered in markings like tattoos in different colours that are like ferns and plants and they say that the way to access and infiltrate the inorganic is with the organic. They want to run two lines out from the tree of life, the under ground line from the roots will be of mycelium mushrooms and the over head line from the branches will be ferns. They say that the ferns are also creating sacred geometry and that is actually what we will be doing will be restructuring the energy of the electromagnetic field which is inorganic to a shape and energy of harmony of sacred geometry running through the ferns and mycelium. Because the electromagnetic field is in chaos it always wants to return to harmony so once we access and spread the energy of harmony and of origin the chaos will want to naturally move into harmony.
We hold hands with the Fae folk these warrior Faeries, these ones who are advanced, evolved beyond what we are and they hope we will move to where they are in our evolution in our connection with the earth and understanding of what is beyond the earth and ourselves in our incarnations. So we stand hand to hand with them facing outwards under the protection of the tree of life, underneath the beautiful sheltering canopy. As we hold hands with them and our power animals stand between us the tattoos from their bodies begin to cover our skin now also and it is a living and breathing organism itself, these designs are interwoven with energy and knowledge. And I feel them move across my skin and they don’t just move across, the ferns and patterns root into my skin anchor and I feel the design cooly moving up my arms across my shoulders and down my back. Up my neck around my scalp around my eyes and mouth. It feels like an armour but it is soft and it is alive and moving and it is me, it is not some external vibration it is my own, it is created in my image and my vibration. This energetic imprint of the fern and this flower of life design and this mycelium integrate all over our bodies like tattoos that are alive and are part of us as a fine and delicate lace armour.
We are many as we stand hand in hand around the edge of protection of our tree of life branches. We face outwards towards the chaos, the electric static field looks like very dense crackling static electric lightning in bright tones of white and yellow, in a way that it hurts your eyes and ears and skin. As we walk forwards holding hands in this way our circle expands and we breathe in the calm and the cool from behind us under the tree of life, we move forwards taking steps outwards into the static and crackling electric, electromagnetic field, wifi, data collections, internet, everything that is running through the air around us always that is invisible penetrating our energetic field and creating interference and causing stress and anxiety and chaos, fraying our mind and nerves. Causing disconnect. We face it together holding hands walking outwards into it. And it never touches us as we walk, the delicate interlaced layer of armour that is around us that is organic creates millimetres of distance between us and the static. We continue to walk and it never touches us, the chaos, the static the interference, the fraying of mind and nerves the disconnect of mind and source.
We expand, beneath our feet where we have walked there is a delicate white lace of mycelium and above our heads where we walk there is a delicate and fine interlaced and unfolding of vines that are ferns. I take a moment to look closely at the ferns, they are growing out from the tops of our heads our foreheads as we walk and unfolding behind us as we walk and I can see they have that they have that repetitive unfolding shape like a fractal and it is alive, it is living, it is organic, it is perfect source code, it is perfect original blueprint. We unfold this energy where we walk, it is bellow our feet I look closely, rooting out from the soles of our feet are the fine white lace of mycelium and these are also pure source energy, pure blueprint coding.
We continue moving forwards holding hands with this delicate lace armour over us, we multiply and we become more people and we become more warrior faeries, the Fae folk that we have forgotten are always with us behind us working with us. Not the tricksters not the sprites and the trouble makers that we have come to know but the Fae folk, the hidden folk, the wise ones who know and are always guiding us towards our evolution because they are our evolution. When the human form evolves it becomes part animal and part plant it is an organic structure that is both earth and star light. That we are light but we are in the physical. This is what the Fae folk represent for us and this is why they are holding our hands, as we move forward, they are not many anymore, they have dwindled to a few, they are asking us to step forward to become them.
As we continue to walk through this static electric field that hurts our eyes and our ears we never come into contact with it. I see great pillars, there are vortexes they are central pillars of this static network. These are towers. These are the towers that transmit the energy and they are mimicking the tree of life structure, they are touching the earth and the sky, they are emitting frequency but they are not true to source code energy they are manufactured interference energy. So we come to these towers and we each cluster around them placing our hands on them. As we place our hands on them cracks run up through their field through their mimicking energies, large cracks come from the ground up to the sky, and through the cracks comes a different energy a blue light source code energy and this is available at this time coming through the lions gate portal.
We access the towers, they transmit to satellites, they transmit though the earth energy field. Through the organic electric field of the earths energy as far as the atmosphere and then they shoot out to satellites and back down, creating a shape that is unnatural. We pull the energy through us, through our organic forms through our source codes and through our organic being, through our connection to the earth, the animal and plant energy wizened by the Fae folk and their understanding. This network is an artificial creation, mimicking what our full potential is, we don’t need to communicate through internet and phone, when we are evolved we communicate through telepathy and understanding and we receive directly from source. We infuse our organic source energy into these pillars that are mimicking the tree of life and we draw down through them using them as our own antenna using them to reach up beyond what we can usually access, and we pull down energy from our sun and from Sirius, duel sun energies, dual fire, duel light.
We pull through this star light and sun energy into the earth, into the core of the earth and she receives it vibrating. It looks like solar flares, its electric energy though and purposefully placed discharge from our sun and central sun to give us light codes and source light energy that we require in this stage of our evolution and we are using those towers built to create interference as our access to draw in higher light and energy because what is created in distortion can be transmuted into purpose and harmony if we have the mind and if we have the support to do so. As we cluster around this towers these pillars these artificial tree of life structures. We create many, many points of light on the earth. we fully infuse the artificial network of internet, wifi, telecommunications  systems with source light energy through Sirius through our central sun. We can feel it run down our legs through our own personal network systems of nerves and each one of us grounds this energy into the earth though our organic being and each one of us becomes part of the network of light and source codes to the core of the earth herself, her central star, her inner light.
As we stand anchored around these pillars, these transmitters that we have turned to purpose frequency, we hear the mumbling and language spoken between the earth and her sun and central sun star. And it is beautiful like two lovers coming together after eternity, the unity, the unity consciousness, the connection and the breakdown of interference, the breakdown of disconnection. The  illusion of disconnection, the illusion of interference. And we anchor the earth with many trees of life lit with golden networks of information from the sun and Sirius central sun. The alignment of these three immense beings, Gaia the Sun and Sirius, allows communication to flow. Amplified now with our transmutation of towers into connectors. Instead of static and electromagnetic fields. We have full allowance, of energy coming in and we stand with our mycelium rooted through our feet and through our nervous system and our ferns and flower of life coding running through the tops of our heads out and behind us, around us fully.
We have created a pathway within the network that is from our feet to our head, we can see forwards and backward as far as we can see, we have created a gap for us to move energy as organic beings through a network that is artificial and this is not created as a network or a sphere around us but it is created like an actual level, where ever we stand where ever we are, where ever our physical form is, with full support from the Fae the Faery folk in their organic armour that they have shared with us, we have created a split, pushing in with our roots and our fern tips, we have created a breakage in the electromagnetic field and through this breakage we run our organic code source energy and we create a full infiltration of the system to allow source energy code to come into the core of the earth, we amplify like satellite towers the receivership of the earth, the potential for her to bring in light. We feel it in our hearts like pressure, a pulse, this beautiful murmuring when the earth talks to the sun and central sun like they are her lovers, like she is so grateful to them and they are so protective and shielding and loving towards her giving her all the light and nourishment she needs to grow and evolve and she draws herself ever closer to them and her purpose and evolution.
As we create this space within the network and we have pressure in our hearts and beautiful delicate armour all over our skin we become part of everything that is unfolding, we become an integral part of it, a witness to the unfolding and on the surface above us in the artificial electromagnetic communication field. Where little men are running like ants, trying to fix the breakage, trying to overcome the light infusion, but all of their switching and unplugging and reconnecting has no affect on our work. We are fully infused on our own private level in the electromagnetic field, a huge space has been made by us. We can run our energy through this network and use the towers like trees of life to bring in source and creator codes for ourselves and for the earth. And she bounces her starlight energy off the satellites recreating sacred geometry that goes from her core to the satellites outwards and creates a line of energy from the sun and central sun, they feed her energy and she bounces it out, creating a very intricate and ancient design, millions of lines overlapping and creating codes right from the centre of the earth out to satellites, deep within the core a whole golden grid that is not one line but many, not one depth but the complete depth of the earths physical being, and as she does this each line is created with intention and love and so much joy, so much force and power too just very purposefully placing each line of light, and we stand with our hands on the trees of life as towers just holding, just witnessing, just being part of this amazing energetic shift.
We stand in the lions gate as we open to that light, we become that light a little bit more, we become our truth and our selves a little bit more, we see ourselves our purpose into the future a little bit more, who we are who we are becoming and we understand the reason why we are here on the earth standing here now, being here now during this evolution where our bones ache and our minds hang on as the kaleidoscope of information comes in and it translates it for us this amazing tool that we have, that we are so blessed to be here and see this jump, this huge jump in evolution, that we have been given permission to participate that we have given permission to ourselves to participate.
As this sacred design is created by the earth, this 3D moving into 5D,7D and 12D vibration that she is creating with light as a sacred geometric pattern, she seals up the edges of it, the sun and Sirius disconnect from her, still warming her, shinning towards her, and the earth becomes silent again, her rumbling language stilled and we are standing around with our hands placed on golden trees of life that are towers, we release our hands from the trees we hold hands again interlinking with the Fae folk, these warrior faeries the evolved versions of us and we all still have our fern design organic armour on our skin and we walk back towards our central tree towards the trunk. As we come towards the shelter of our tree, the shade and the peace, the armour comes off us the fern pattern becomes part of the branches, the mycelium becomes part of the roots and grounds under us, we walk to our tree and we place our hands on the trunk, we are released from the energy and we become entirely human again organic and alive, part of the earth and we sit around a large and clear waterhole and we report back to each other what we have seen and experienced like children that have been out playing, the Fae folk stand behind us just supporting us, we feel the energy run through us healing us, repair our minds and our nerves, opening us up to being receptive.
As we sit around the waterhole we take sips of water, clear and pure water filtered up through the earth, we allow ourselves to rebalance and we look younger, we look more like children now, with wonder in our eyes with what we have seen and understood. That we have created a level for us to walk in that is free of interference and static energy that frays the nerves that we are able to move through this reality without having our systems hacked all the time, that our organic frequency and our light codes remain unhindered, that we take our frequency with us where ever we go, we are not infiltrated we hold source codes of organic energy, we are pure, we sip the water together as friends as soul family as we are bonded in this experience, once we have sipped the water and cleansed and earthed ourselves again the Fae folk hold space for us supporting us as we drop back through the water hole sinking down allowing our bodies to infuse with the pure spring waters filtered by the earth and we breathe out any excess energy that does not need to come back with us and we sink down slowly, all the way down until our feet touch the ground softly landing and then we return.
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Guided Journey – Sacred Tribe Lighting our Paths of Evolution

I see as you see

See as I see:

This journey is to bring us into alignment with the energy shifts the earth is experiencing. This is a guided journey, you walk with me following the footsteps I place on the earth as we step beyond the veil. 

We stretch the roots of our trees deep into the earth, the bark creaks and stretches deeply anchoring itself to the rocks. We stretch our branches high into the sky, feeling the expanse, feeling the unfolding. We step out of our trees, we have with us Solange the black Jaguar for protection. The ground under our feet is crackly and dry, we step out into a world with a burnt orange sky and clouds hanging low, the landscape we see before us is dry parched lands, cracked earth and smokey haze hanging low. There is a path before us it glistens silver. As if water is reflecting light and it moves like a snake through the valley. We step off the cracked earth and onto this beautiful path of silver light. We follow it across the landscape and towards the horizon. Under our feet the path is energising, calming and cool and the star light energy of the silver path works its way up our bodies slowly integrating with our cells as we walk along the path in single file. 

As we walk along the path, power animals gather at our sides walking on the barren earth with us in solidarity. The energy is heavy but the silverpath lights us and lifts us as we move forwards, slowly, calmly. We head towards the horizon and we start to see a light rising, from the edge of the earth. This is a light of a new dawn. And as the light rises into the sky you would be forgiven for thinking its the sun. But this is a much greater sun, a star of divine heavenly light. It glistens white and silver with rainbow refracting outwards. Everywhere the little shards of rainbow light refracts onto the earth it creates slithers of green it creates a new way of seeing, I allow my hand to fall under one of these rays of light, and I even see myself differently. 

We walk forwards on the path coming ever closer to this light of divine star. And the silver path underneath us infusing us from the ground upwards starts to merge with the rainbow refracted light heading down from above us. Until we reach a point where this white star is over head perfectly above us. When the star reaches noon position in the sky, we reach a pond. A round body of what looks like water but is the merging pool of silver light that we have been walking along the path of. And we see above us a beautiful white star as big as the sun and we see at our feet a pool of this divine white light energy. We form a circle around the pool of energy. And around us a protection and as an energy enhancement the power animals stand behind us. They protect us and they amplify our energy. The white star, silvery rainbow energy lines up with the pool of energy in front of us and it creates a portal of light coming directly down. Standing around the pool of energy as we are, we begin to change, like shapeshifting. We become less human we become more divine. We can feel the little shards of light like spikes going through our skin, like being stitched together, newly formed in this new energy. It radiates out through our form completely lighting us up, making our colours more brilliant, making our sight more clear. Allowing us to feel, not just with our heart or our emotions or our mind but our entire being. Our senses move along our skin, the hairs on our arms stand up the senses move along our spine down our backs and into the ground beneath our feet. We are completely alive with this new energy, we are completely activated with star light. 

The divine star, this greater energy lining up behind our sun moving through us like white fire. On a molecular level I see the energy moving through our forms, cleaning up any of the old stagnant and dead energy and transforming it into movable, versatile and creative flow. We stand radiant in this glow and this connection with light coming down through us. We are creating a portal, we are holding the energy as it comes through, so that it is focused. That it comes in as it needs to without dissipating. Until the star has completed the download. And then we are released from this centre pool of energy, this silver white light where we have been energised and re created. 

We each turn outward in the circle we have created and we each take our power animal with us as we walk outwards on the barren earth crunching under our feet, and over head thousands of spirit birds fly with us. And we create a silver path of light under our feet and this energy goes into the earth and we move slowly and calmly and we sense everything with our entire being. We sense the energy shifting, we sense the upheaval the chaos and we understand what it is. This is massive amounts of energy being pulled up, being shifted and being put back down where it belongs, this is a new time. We are creating the paths of evolution on the earth and we walk across the entire globe through time and space. We pace slowly and with method and intention until we meet in the centre again at the polar opposite side of the earth where the light from the white star behind the sun has come out the other side and the circular pond of light is there where we meet again one at a time coming together with our power animals support. 

We form a circle again around this pond of light this pool of energy and we rejoice and we hold hands around this pool of light, this pool of energy. We communicate where we’ve been what we’ve seen what we’ve felt, every experience from across the globe and we rejoice. We have pulled the energy through the entire globe, re have rewritten ley lines we have shifted poles and we sit at the pool of light together. We allow our feet to dip into the pond, we hold hands in a circle, we regard each other, we see each other newly. We know one another, we feel what the each of us has been through to get here and we have full respect and love for one another, we are equal and completely unique each one of us. We see through each others eyes, through the time lines. 

We know it is time to go so we drop through this pool of light white energy coming in from the father star behind our sun and as we go through the light together with our power animals whom we bring back with us we feel connection and peace and complete clarity. We can feel with our whole beings we can sense the energy shifting and moving, where its going what it needs to do. As we sink through this pool of light we breathe out all of the air in our lungs release any energy that does not need to come back with us and we sink down slowly until the ground is firmly under our feet. We feel the ground under our feet, wiggle our toes, we re balance and re set in this reality as we return.

Shamanic Journey ~ Blending the human body with the divine essence

We stand within the portal of evolution, we are blending our human body with our divine essence.

I invite the high divine beings of light, the spirits of the Earth and the elements, my guides and helping spirits to journey with me on this intention. To blend our divine and our human into one unity consciousness.

I stretch the roots of my tree deep into the earth they unfold slick and loose, piercing the earth and anchoring. I stretch my branches high into the sky, elastic and strong stretching smoothly into the sky and connecting. Solange the black Jaguar my companion and protector looks up at me, his eyes golden and his fur dark and smooth.

We step out onto the cool soft earth. In the darkness I connect myself to Solange. My eyes are green and create a light before me. His eyes glow golden in the same way. The cool black earth that we walk upon disappearing under tannin stained water. We continue to walk into the water until it’s up to my chest, until I’m breathing it in. Then it is over my head. We go deeply into the water walking on still, softly now as gravity shifts. We see what an immense body of water we are in, dropping away sharply below us. This cool tannin stained water is soft against our skin and our fur. Our eyes shining out in front of us green and gold not only creating light but illuminating the hidden structure of the water. Like amniotic fluid, this water is a place of birth where there is some thing new to come. We are not able to breath but we need no air.

The light from our eyes decoding the water, the water is made from spiralling DNA strands, sacred geometric patterns and alive molecules. Only where our eyes shine can we see the hidden depths of the water’s memory. Every where else it looks like tannin stained water.

So together, we go down to the very deepest place, to the ground of this womb space. At the bottom there’s a black mass, like the soft bottom of a shore, seaweed like threads entangled creating a nest in which sits a large white egg. Larger than any egg that any animal on earth could lay. But I know it does not come from the animals of the Earth. This egg comes from a divine being beyond our station. But still I have access. I lay my hands on the glowing white egg. I can feel movement and life inside.

Solange and I sit beside the egg unsure of what we are to do next, until our gaze crosses paths and I see the minute strands of DNA lighting up in the water around us coming into a greater from. I huge gold and green spiral of light coming up from where we stand and drawing the egg up with it to the very surface of the water. Glowing and absorbing the water and the wisdom from this womb of origin. The egg grows immeasurably glowing and then opening, not like a breaking shell but like a flower with a million petals. As the flower opens a column of brilliant white light shines directly upwards. And from the column of light comes life. Creatures, animals, humans. Humans beyond what we know them to be. Humans that are infused with light like the luminescence of the ocean.

One of the the humans that comes out of the column of light, so godly I believe he is an angel. Speaks to me. He says, once we were, one, and he means that, separation in energy has caused separation in creation on Earth, the plants and the animals, they were once one. A human being like this angel being could access through his own body any of the living creatures on the earth and move himself from substance into being through intention activating his internal DNA to become any one of them. I say to him, you were a shape shifter. He says its not as simple as that. I am all because I know I am all. I may remember myself to be anything I have lived as. And in remembering I may become that. Not such solid form but created form. Matter from energy as thought. I think it and I shall be it. He shows me all of the strands of DNA like ribbons coming down from the centre column. He begins to weave them together creating a colourful canopy above us. He says these strands were never meant to be separated. These stands were meant to be interwoven, creation was meant to be fluid not rigid and hard like its has become. Some people in their madness have taken it upon themselves to try to recreate what was once. He shows me humans interfering with genetics from the ground level not from the creation level. He shows me that where we are now as we elevate in form as light into our divine selves we have access to all forms of life, we may be any of the creatures of the earth because we are made of the earth as they are and in knowing this we are allowed to move our form from one to the other. It is pure energy reconstruction. He says its not really the mind that creates, its consciousness that can bend itself into any form.

He continues to weave all of the ribbons of DNA into a canopy until it is like a large tent. He calls all of the creatures into the tent and he says this is my circus. I ask what he means by that. He says its merely a show. An exploration of self. He says the show must go on. It can never end, that which has begun must go on. And so here we are in the middle, aware of who we are but unable to move with the power and the form which we once had. He says, fear not we will reach these lofty heights again. It is just a matter of time which is another mess because time of course does not exist. We are stuck in these loops of created energy cleaning up the paths laid out by others. (When I call myself the clean up crew it is no joke I know who I am). Contained in the tent I ask him why don’t we just blow the lid off the whole thing. He says fagility. Of course we could do that, start again and again. Creation didn’t unfold very elegantly and there was interference, but we have come so far and we will succeed, its better to let it run its course than to begin again and hoping for a better outcome. All outcomes are perfect in the divine’s eye. It is only on a human level that we suffer and from suffering comes such learning.

Earth is like the little sister, she has many stars that are her brothers and sisters, soon they will be connecting. This is where your focus will be turning, pulling the strings, connecting with the people on your frequency so you each have greater power and sight. And greater reach. We are finished now with this piece. The eternal now.

He gathers a collection of strings and hands them to me, each a different colour, pulling them into alignment getting all the pieces to fit. He puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me patience, he means it in a way where he wants me to be steady and calm and reassured and balanced in my knowing. To keep myself entertained with the unfolding and the mystery, because even the most powerful or the the most obscure divine being watches in wonder as a leaf bud unfolds. Enjoy the wonder, enjoy the magic of form, enjoy the mastery of moving form with energy. Take delight.

I have all of these ribbons in my hands and I pull them all at once with great force, the top comes off the tents and the walls unfold and all of the beautiful creations from the column of light burst out in the sky around us. As I do this all around me other tents burst open so the creation can unfold outside of these spaces.

As the earth blooms like a flower unfolding all of her petals from these centre columns of light. She becomes one bloom in a sky of a million blooming flowers each to pollinate each other and create a new world, the dust of the pollen intermixing the creation unfolding. The new seeds of the new worlds that are born out of the old worlds now floating in the sky, in the abyss, perfect parcels ready for birth. The beauty is startling the detail is magnificent, every little crinkle in every little petal and every little line in every little seed. I know there were masters at work in this creation and design and I know I am one of those masters.  I take such delight in this creation. And I am thankful to the angels who support me and all of my brothers and sisters coming into knowing themselves, coming into being.

With the flowers and the seeds bursting in the abyss above me I turn back towards the tree, now rigid, no longer slick, like great arching and arcing bones and antlers. The tree eternal, encloses me as I sit at the spring well of life, this crystal clear pond of water, sparkling starlight within radiating outward to my entire being, I sit with my feet in the water and I look up to the sky millions of bursting flowers once planets sowing their seeds for the new worlds. Cross pollinating to build stronger versions, new realities, more brilliant worlds, all of the teachings going into this.

Shamanic Journey ~ High Divine Feminine Energy

Listening to the beat of the drum with my eyes wide open I go into vision.

I light up my body and I become the tree, roots stretching deep into the earth anchoring me and branches stretching high into the sky connecting me. I step out of the tree with Solange the black jaguar my constant companion and protector. The tree branches and trunk are peeling gold bark which sheds as sparkling gold dust that falls to the ground, lightly coating both Solange and I. The shimmering gold powder infused into our beings. The feeling of warmth and ecstasy vibrating through our skin, bones and flesh penetrating to our hearts.

I am unfused and harmonised with the heart beat of the universe. A pulse like a toroidal sphere surrounding us goes out as a signal. I see a line of beings in front of me, these are my ancient protectors, my brothers. This heart beat of the universe this energy of pure love and ecstasy draws them to me. Embodied on Earth as they are incarnation in the bodies of great warriors, broad shoulders deep chests and wild hair. Tattooed with tribal designs, adorned with stones and talisman. Their shields radiate out around me and for me. They are my protectors in the Earth Realm and in this body as I am, I am like their little sister. Standing only as high as their shoulders. My heart connects with them as they stand around me in a circle. I feel their energy and calm protective balance. Many life times they have been in battle and gone into dark places, their human selves catching the brunt of the force of theirs souls mission. The dark places they have gone simply to bring the light of their divine souls to shatter illusions, break old paradigms and shine truth into the faces of the corrupted. I bleed for them, I cry for them for I know the pain of this shift, moving from warrior to guardian and protector. The shame and guilt and the burden of carnage and chaos that is upon them to shift, each one of them, from many lifetimes of living at war. This transition is sacred. As they are here to protect me in the Earth Realm I am here to be a guardian for them on soul level so they can shift into their evolution from Warriors at War to Protectors and Guardians at Peace. As they stand around me creating a human shield I cast my energy over them outside of the Earth so they may rise as I have risen, out of the debris and detritus of chaos and terror to the light of their true divinity.

My Sisters in the distance cast a further layer of protection around me beyond the earth and enclosing the stars that I come from around the constellations of my home to form much broader protection. I can see my sisters galactic form, which is made of sacred geometry in different dimensional frequencies and colours starting with starlight blue and moving into deeper purples and midnight blues. As I see my sisters in their galactic form linked into a massive grid of energy, the energy grid interwoven and never interfering with one another. Through many layers of dimensions and reaching right down to earth, linked with heavenly bodies and constellations and light frequency that is beyond a humans minds ability to grasp. I reach my hand out to my sisters and I see my multidimensional self of diamond white light matching their sacred geometry and interweaving energies. Each unique.

They tell me I am moving from being with my brothers to being with my sisters. Now it is time to align my being with those who have evolved out of the cycles of war and become guardians and peace keepers. Our human selves are just little children on the ground compared to the enormous interwoven and interlacing energies that are cast out and above us, connecting to our source codes connecting to the star energy and to our sisters. The divine feminine energy at its highest frequency cannot penetrate the earth surface, at the moment it sits in light form outside of the earths atmosphere and within the centre of the earth. There is a layer of energy around the earth that is not accessible by the high divine feminine energy yet. This is one of the roles for people embodied like my self to integrate this energy to create a safe space for this energy to be awoken within me, it already is of me. I am shown clearing and aligning energy to make space for the high divine feminine energy to come through me into this reality.

The false feminine energy that is allowed to exist within this reality at the moment is distorted, corrupted, minimised and untrue. A false feminine energy is prevalent on the earth right now. The feminine energy that we wish to pull into this reality is high divine feminine energy coming in like cords of light down through our bodies and our being into our cells to create seeds that are birthed out of our beings like starlight forming new realities. Moment to moment the highest vibrational reality that is able to exist in this dense world is being birthed by high divine feminine energy carriers.

I sit with my sisters and I feel peace and clarity and expansion and I see as much as I can see from my human perspective out into the vastness of my souls energy. Like a master being coded through the light and the stars partially embodied in constellations and star systems, partially embodied on the earth, partially embodied as matter, as light, moving through all things, not just human form but the trees and the air and the water.

Knowing the earth as a friend, as a being, a very complex and beautiful being so loved so adored so precious and so masterful. A true inventor and creator is she. She is open and she is listening, she is learning all the time from her children, every microbe, every mineral, every plant and tree speaks to her and she listens and learns and evolves from knowing them. The earth evolves from knowing her children and all of her children are playing a role. Even the ones in destruction, even the ones in chaos, they teach her where her limits are. They teach her how far she can go before there is no turning back. Every system is online for her to collect data and information about herself as an organism as a being. And she delights in her existence, she loves and adores her experience, her challenges. She is so grateful for the beings that are here working with her, I am one of those. I am so grateful for her, what a great teacher she is. She is so resourceful, and so collectively creative.

I see myself as the brilliant expanded white diamond light intergalactic, coded star system and earth, source energy being that I am. And I see my sisters of the highest divine feminine energy and I see how they are in service too to our brothers. Who are of such different energy and such different purpose to us. Who we know and who we have lived as also.

I am shown that feminine energy goes to a frequency higher than masculine energy does, masculine energy in some part is form. Even though at some level we combine to become one again we are creators at that level, and so at that level we become more feminine than masculine, more flowing more light more love. We travel in cycles of feminine and masculine energy as souls as the earth does in her evolution.

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Insights ~ Eating the Sun

I am shown that as the Earth shifts we will not continue as a species, humanity will split into two tribes to survive the energy shift. One fraction will hybrid with plants and adapt to a new type of photosynthesis to feed on the suns light. These are the Children of the Sun. One fraction will merge with machine becoming part of the grid and recharge through this network of electricity. These are the Children of the Grid.
Both tribes will have a low population as the turbulence of the Earth’s shift will be great. She is getting ready to birth herself. The New Earth will elevate in frequency and the children of the Sun will harmonise with her. The Old Earth will drop back down to a lower vibration and the Children of the Grid with harmonise with her there. Both tribes will continue to exist and evolve on different frequencies in different dimensions on the same planet but in completely different realities. Each will have their own territory and neither could survive in the other’s. The Children of the Sun would have their cells damaged in the reality of the Grid Children and the Children of the Grid would not survive outside of their electric world.
Each world will be unique and allow for great learning and exploration. The Children of the Sun will live in harmony with a lush green planet and learn the mystery and secrets of the animals, plants, minerals, microbes, Star systems and all biological forms. Feeling the ecstasy of life itself. The Children of the Grid will have complete control of their reality as it will ultimately become a virtual reality. They can change how they are seen by others, how they experience the world and connect through the network to share or learn information and data.
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Insights ~ We are the Ancients

My body is as old as the Earth herself made up of billions of year old bacteria, my skin, bone and flesh.

My consciousness is not so young as the Earth. My soul is of source energy infinitely older, wiser, and was here for the creation of the Earth. As one who has access to the infinite all source energy and can see what it is to be a divine being, a creator, there is a responsibility that comes with that. To be a guardian of the Earth, a healer for the earth.

The Earth is the mother of my body, my consciousness is the mother of the Earth. Earth child I am and Earth Mother also.

I am here on the ground split into a million pieces so I may serve the greater plan and heal our child the Earth with energy of light of pure consciousness of the divine creator.

Time does not exist outside of this reality, this means, in recognising that consciousness exits, means knowing it has always existed.

We are a race of ancient beings sent here to the earth to serve her, love her and hold her as she rises, we have been here since the beginning and will be here until the end. In terms of our “life span” the earth is but a child and she called out for our help. We rode in as light and split into shards embodied as beings of the earth to help guide and assist her by bringing light from our star nations. Being on the ground as we are, we are able to be conduits for this light that pours in via our nervous system, like electric lightning it moves through us, as pulses with our heart beat. Our heart beat meets the heart beat of the Earth and like a child in utero we feed her through our source energy like an umbilical cord from each one of us. We love the earth as she loves us. So unique and treasured is she, so brave in her exploration of existence in the physical realm, so creative in her expression and so welcoming to all beings who wish to reside here with her at this time, from all dimensions from all frequencies and all trajectories of evolution or degradation.

~Extracts from writings by Kilandril

Insights ~ Listening to the Universe Within me

I am able to access a higher aspect of myself known to me as Kilandril from whom I receive insights and understanding beyond the reach of my human personality. Kilandril is who I know myself to be outside of any incarnation and the truest version of myself that exists.

I have been coming here to Earth for thousands of years in many incarnations in many timelines. As a soul with the help of my Team of Advisors and Teachers I have cultivated bloodlines to incarnate into. The reason that particular bloodlines have been cultivated for me as a soul to incarnate into is that each body as a vessel for the soul has different attributes and strengths. The ability to enter the dream state and step outside of this reality while remaining present with the body is a gift that runs in my family. Also each body takes some getting used to if you are not used to incarnating into a physical organic body as a soul. So these bloodlines, my ancestors who are me and I am them have been with me always and I am with them for they are within me in my DNA and every one of them I have lived as or known. Each one has something to teach me. As one person, one personality I can not hold all of the information I need to access for my purpose work on Earth so I hold many vessels through out my lineage with many lines of information that my Soul can access on a physical level like files to feed the information to me in my current human life.

As well as all of my ancestors incarnated on Earth that I have known through my DNA or through incarnations there are those of whom I as a Soul have lived as on other planets and other star systems that my Soul can access and feed information to me as my current human on Earth.

The way my human vessel is built from all of my ancestors that have come before me, my lineage going back to the beginning of the species that the rivulets of my bloodline have flowed forward into all of those I have lived as. As an organic being on Earth made of the Earth as are all other organic beings of Earth, I am also able to access all data and files stored in all DNA on all life forms on Earth currently living or that are to live here in the future as time is non linear and merely a construct for those who need such things to contain an understanding of change as we evolve from day to day as living and organic beings in a planet system that is ever changing and growing and shifting. We feel the need as a species to compartmentalise every moment so we can hang on to our personality as a seperate entity to the Earth herself and all of her kingdoms. But we are truely connected to the Earth and part of her if we were only able to break free of our conditioning and human constructs of security such as time we would all be able to access our truth. Our Soul is eternal light, our body is the Earth.

~Extract from Writings by Kilandril

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